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boss s-34129-89

S34129/89 Boss Photo: Gunnel Malm


gáski 2

gáski färg

Gáski, Photo Gunnel Malm



Ari, Photo Gunnel Malm

bassi r s57164-90 r

S57164/90 Bassi Photo Gunnel Malm


gluggi s57161-90

S57161/90 Gluggi Photo Gunnel Malm


gydjans rökkvadis

S18881/91 Gydjans Rökkvadis Photo Gunnel Malm

vaskur av björnli

N01461/84 Vaskur av Björnli Photo Gunnel Malm

iskristallens tyr s34926-91

S34926/91 Iskristallens Tyr

yrar garpur3

Yrar Garpur

gunnar fra gull lyklinum1

Gunnar fra Gull Lyklinum

kopur s16697-95

S16697/95 Kopur

largos trassi

S49988/94 Largo's Trassi






N331/86 Freetain´s Bles Bles  Foto: Inga-Britt Johansson



N19622/82 Salka  Foto: Inga-Britt Johansson





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