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Welcome to a picture gallery with Icelandic Sheepdogs in Sweden!

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Elisabeth Folkeson has for many years been an eager photographer wherever icelandic sheepdogs and their owners have gathered, at exhibitions, breeder meetings, herding tests etc.

She has also received many pictures from other photographers, dogowners and breeders.

On this page she now lets us share her great photo treasure. If you have any picture that you would like to see on this page please click "kontakt" and send it in a mail.

We who manage this page call ourselves:

The Network Bettans Bilder.

It is a network for  taking , preserving, collecting and publishing

pictures of Icelandic sheepdogs.

The network started in July 2008 and has since then created this homepage and started the digitalization of all pictures belonging to Bettan. New pictures are constanly taken and added both by Bettan as well as other photogaphers.

The network members share the costs between them but if anyone wishes to support this work you can send a voluntary sum to the Swedish bank account in

Handelsbanken Account: 665 458 622 Clearingnumber: 6580

but you are also welcome to support us by sending pictures!


The network was started by the following people:

Photoprovider: Elisabeth Folkeson

Webhotel responsible: Arne-Håkon Tunheim

Web master: Ingbritt Sannel

Accountant: Lillemor Kullman

Secretary: Bertil Sannel

Other members: Karin Öst, Åsa Kullman, Ursula Brehmer, Ulrika Bjursten.

Hedersmedlem: Lena Olsson

Lillemor Kullman, our great supporter of the Network Bettans Bilder,

passed away very suddenly November 23 2009.

We will miss her very much but in her honour we will carry on with this work

and achieve a page that she would have been proud of.



If you want to know more about a specific dog try using this link to The Swedish Kennel Club. You have to click once, then go back to this page, then click again and you will find the right page to search for dogs. 


Iskristallens Spói was the first icelandic sheepdog in Elisabeth´s family, this site has a special page to honour the memory of him.

spói utanför huset

The site is under development!

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