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This canvas picture was given to Bettan to thank her for her photos from the yearly clubshow presented in the Icelandic  Sheepdog magazine.(SIFK) In it you see her first darling, Spói and the one she has now Bassi Kjarval. The canvas is made from photos taken by Karin Öst and Ami Rooth.






  iskristallens spói 3

Spói July 2002

iskristallens spói 1995 r

Spói 1995


iskristallens spói intuch 12 juni 94r

Spói INTUCH 1994


Spói 2003

spói, mysla och röskva

Father Spói, daughter Mysla, mother Röskvas Askja


 These pictures were taken from a video recording and turned into pictures


Spói 3 months 


Spói 1 year


Spói 2,5 months

spoi4  spoi5

Two pictures of Spói in his new home, 8 weeks old


2,5 -3 months old Spói



2,5 -3 months old Spói


4 months old Spói is trying to find the cat!


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